(Read my other post about this if this post seems random and confusing.)

Levels I liked: (These don’t need save state abuse)

  • Intro stage
  • Whispy Woods (not too hard)
  • Yoshino Man (nice and rompy)
  • Fortress 4
  • Fortress 1 (lacks a checkpoint before the boss, but the boss isn’t too hard actually. Just be quick to use the floor.)

Decent Levels: (These also don’t need save state abuse but do suffer from particularly bad flaws)

  • Fire Mario (look up the pattern on the internet, trust me. There are no clues given in the game as to how to beat this level.)
  • Bomber Man (just be very careful with your timing and you’ll be fine.)
  • Rock Man (the level is confusing but if you keep going you’ll eventually get to the end. Also, the boss fight is fun but I have no idea what causes him to heal himself to full.)
  • Air Man (spam the Floor and use Whispy Wood’s power to power up on the bird enemies. Also, make sure to go down at every juncture)
  • Fortress 2 (this level is very hard, but if you practice with the platforms and think carefully, you can do it without save states. It has a very interesting structure, too.)
  • Fortress Boss Rush: (Cheat Man is a pain but not as bad as his first encounter. Also note that once you’ve reached Dr. Light himself, you can game over and you won’t have to fight the bosses again. Be sure to use the correct weapon against all the bosses!)

Nightmare-inducing Levels: (Please use save states)

  • Kamen Rider (The quick lasers will give you nightmares)
  • Fortress 3 (The quick lasers will give you nightmares. Make sure to stock up on e-tanks before fighting Guts Man. Not even save states will help you during the boss fight.)
  • Fortress post-boss-rush (This level itself actually is fair; all the spikes can be avoided if you think carefully, there are no points that are actually as hard as they look. For example, try walking forward while spamming the Floor without jumping in order to descend carefully. Unfortunately, there are no checkpoints through the whole stage, which is why you should definitely use save-states!)
  • Cheat Man (The stage is actually decent, but the boss fight, oh dear, don’t even try. Just use save states and make sure you have the Mega Buster and yoshino man’s power.)